As viagens são os viajantes


As viagens são os viajantes 2017


Travel is the traveler. What we see isn't what we see but what we are

Fernando Pessoa. The book of Disquiet


There are many ways to face travel. The movement or motion needed/inherent to creation is never innocent, it is always started from an artistic will, looking for a concept and for an execution in everything. As I moved/traveled with the intention of creation, I've realized that in this process, my perception of things and objects was conditioned by my personal experiences and knowledges, therefore I dealt with objects and landscapes with a different perspective from the natives.

To perform an archeology of a living city, to later on, generate new speeches from my own personal experiences as a foreigner.

[ Work produced at Hangar- Centro de Investigação Artística-Lisboa]


Passport and pieces of tiles

18x23 cm 

© Claudio Reis