La naturaleza no procede por saltos

La naturaleza no procede por saltos is a project for Casa Leibniz in collaboration with Espacio Valverde Gallery.

The work takes as a starting point the thoughts that Leibniz published en 1710 in Reflexions sur l'âme des bêtes: the present state of each sustance is a natural result (consequence) of its preceding state.

The ladder in this case refers to a principle of continuity and acompasses ideas of ascension, gradation and comunication between the various levels of verticality. The disablement by solidifying the space between a step of the ladder can become a gesture of rebellion that reacts on the established order, but also it can be read as a symbol of no possibility access to a perfect knowledge.


La naturaleza no procede por saltos 2016

Wooden ladder 50 x 280 cm 

Concrete block 60 x 30 x 30 cm


Photography: Lucía Corrales