Encuadres de la escisión

Nowadays the power of nature remains registered on a virtual world that empowers man for his technical capacity, but it also deceives him making him believe that he is superior to the natural forces around him. It seems that the era of romanticism has ended, there are no empty spaces on maps, there is no rock without a flag, there are no sublime volcanos. This way, the era of the finite world has started, everything is shared and discovered.


In 2014 there were 16 volcanic eruptions in the world. Throughout the images taken from these eruptions in Youtube and Google Earth I rebuild the negative of a volcano, which then I positivate with a XIXth century photographic technique known as Van Dyck Brown. This hybridisation of photographic systems produces a distortion on memory, from which I reflect about the essential questions that travel through our tangible and virtual world experience.



Encuadres de la escisión 2014-2015

Marrón Van Dyck 42 x 29,7 cm  File: Mixed Media -Variable dimensions